Group for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Depression in Clearwater Meets

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The Group for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Depression in Clearwater is having it’s second Meetup this next Tuesday. The group is Organized by Bob of Effective Counseling Group.  The group was started to provide useful non-drug solutions and information for those experiencing depression and anxiety and stress.

Bob is a non-denominational minster and uses the workable solutions to life’s problems from the books of American author and Humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Mr. Hubbard is the most widely translated author of all time as noted in the Guiness Book of World Records. These materials have proven themselves to be very workable and simple to use.

“Of all the material available on depression and stress out there, I’ve only found the works of L. Ron Hubbard to be consistently successful in handling depression and anxiety. Once you read one of his books and have some understanding of how simple it is to use, it simply makes sense to you on what you can do.”, Bob says.

Effective Counseling Group wanted to make known there are non-drug solutions to depression and anxiety and stress. Psychiatric drugs have some pretty horrific side effects, including suicide and homicidal tendencies, as labeled on them by the FDA. Many of the drugs taken for anxiety and depression actually have a side effect in their information packet that they can cause depression and anxiety. This makes it very difficult to consider this to be an effective answer.

The great thing about the Meetup Group for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Depression is there is no pressure at the meeting. People can come and hear a talk and find out for themselves if the information provided is right for them. There are always ministerial counselors available to ask questions of, all of whom are quite friendly. The ministers have simply volunteered their time to come to the Meetup.

“The whole reason we formed this is to help people.” says Bob. “I realized the information we’ve been using for years with the people we’ve successfully counseled should be made more widely known. I recently found out about and thought this is a wonderful way to communicate the information on depression and anxiety and it is in a friendly home environment where people can come and learn some things to help themselves out.”

If you would like to learn more about the Group for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Depression, or would like to talk with a counselor, contact Effective Counseling Group at 727-678-1568.

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Effective Counseling Group Director Will be Speaking in Largo, FL on Depression, Anxiety and Stress

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Effective Counseling Group has started a new Meetup group and will be holding a Meetup at a private residence in Largo. The Meetup is open to all who sign up by registering with and signing in. You can access our Meetup page directly by clicking here on the Group for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

If you live anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, and want to know what is behind depression, anxiety and stress and what you can do to effectively combat it, then this event is for you. All the details are at the site.

“We wanted to set up a friendly, informal meeting ground for anyone suffering from depression and anxiety to learn more about the underlying causes to depression,” said the Effective Counseling Group’s Director, Bob Delaware. “People don’t just invent depression, it has some real basic causes and it CAN be handled. By better understanding themselves people can be put in a position to better themselves, without having to resort to drugs or alcohol.”

Effective Counseling Group’s Director has worked with individuals from all walks of life for over 25 years and assisted them to improve themselves using the techniques he’ll be discussing at the Meetup.

“It’s a great way for people to come, make some friends, and learn a few things.” says Mr. Delaware.

Effective Counseling Group has it’s purpose to help people be happier and healthier in life. No matter what your problem or difficulty is, there is something that can be done about it. You are invited to attend Effective Counseling Group’s Meetup and visit with the counselors present in a most informal meeting and learn what they can do to assist you.

For more information contact Bob at 727-678-1568 or email us at the address linked with this blog.

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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Day

Marriage Day Issues (Photo credit: Fikra)

Marriage Counseling is something no couple ever supposes they will need. In fact, most of us get married and then afterward if things start to go awry, only then do we consider we should maybe get some advice on this thing called, “marriage”.

Marriage Counseling for most is the idea that one will sit in a room with a mediator and get to tell the other person how awful their partner has been. Or at least explain how the marriage is falling apart, usually due to some annoying attribute of the other.

In truth, individual responsiblity plays a significant role in whether or not one will have a successful marriage. It is also true that open communication is a factor one sees in the happiest marriages.

But how is that achieved? How can we have the same unbridled passion for our spouse that we had at the peak of our relationship? How can we create that again? Can we now only find that in another?

Effective Counseling Group has a proven method of which to restore a marriage with a unique type of Marriage Counseling. The first part of our marriage counseling involves each partner learning the basics of communication and realistically how the communication breaks down.  We then learn how it can be restored. There is also a series of drills that can be done to improve their communication.  Goal setting is also key.

However, when it comes to marriage counseling, I cannot stress enough how the personal issues of each partner must also be addressed. The marriage usually breaks down on these un-handled personal issues. For instance, if one has a gambling problem and the other is in serious protest over it, both issues must be addressed.  It doesn’t mean the one with the protest has to “learn to adjust” but it does mean ironically there may be things they themselves are doing that also need to be addressed. The gambler will inevitably destroy the marital finances and the ensuing arguments will all but destroy the marriage.

In marriage counseling the couple has to be willing to work together to resolve these issues, as a team, however if the underlying personal issues aren’t addressed, it’s doubtful if the matter will be fully handled.

Effective Counseling Group does offer marriage counseling. You may however need personal coaching first. For more information, call Bob at Effective Counseling Grouptoday at 727-678-1568.

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Depression or Anxiety? Drug-free Help is Available

Melencolia I. Print of Albrecht Dürer

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Depression and anxiety can all but ruin one’s life. Usually the chain of events that set off depression can be quite catastrophic. I know of one young woman whose father went blind and sister went onto drugs and shortly thereafter committed suicide all in the same few months. There was ample reason for this young woman’s depression.

The problem with depression is the feeling that it will never pass. If one knew it was just going to be a down day or a down week, one would then have some hope and could endure and by definition would no longer be depressed. However, rarely is that the case. The person seldom can see past the mess they find themselves in. All solutions seem lost and they keep looking further and further inward to find a solution somewhere inside themselves.

The truth is: the trouble didn’t start inside you. Looking inward on your own is not the answer to ending depression. Drugs are certainly not the answer, as in the case of the young woman who did end up turning to drugs, not only did she wind up further depressed and experiencing the side effects to the drugs, she also became hooked on them.  One could easily see that drugs are not a road to recovery.

Effective Counseling Group addresses depression directly. The first thing we do is establish the cause of the depression. Drug depression is best handled by specialists in that field and we have one very effective drug-free State licensed drug rehab program we do refer to.

Nutitional deficiencies causing depression are best handled by skilled nutritionists. For instance a lack of vitamin B1 can cause depression not to mention deficienies in the rest of the B vitamins. A proper nutritionist would be able to determine this.

Although both of the above can and do assist people with depression, the person still has to address the actual cause of their depression.  The events that kicked it off and the resulting difficulties.

The person can be depressed long before drugs or deficiencies enter the scene. At Effective Counseling Group we help people with depression on a routine basis. As mentioned we establish the cause of the depression. If there is a recent loss or traumatic experience there are precise techniques we use to address such incidents. These are proven and workable.

Applied, the results can be quite astonishing for the individual and often a great sense of relief. The truth is you can be happy again. There is no problem that cannot be bettered providing the person has a desire to improve.

For more information or to find out how we can assist you to overcome depression without drugs call Bob at Effective Counseling Group today at 727-678-1568.

Your call is confidential and all information is kept under strict ministerial confidence.

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Effective Counseling Group is Updating its Website

Effective Counseling Group is in the process of updating it’s website. The new site will have more complete details and be designed to reach more of our target audience.

Effective Counseling Group is a group of professional counselors who work one on one with individuals to help them improve various aspects of their lives. For instance, just a short time ago a young man came to see us who has been having trouble being able to stay on task, remember things and otherwise didn’t have much interest in life, despite having his whole future ahead of him.  He was a veteran and in college.  Within just a few hours of working with the man his whole outlook changed. He remarked he felt better than he had in years and that he now had a solution to his dilemma. He happily went off to handle what he needed to.

The whole object of what we do is to empower individuals to lead happier lives. The new website will be able to be seen by more individuals allowing more people to get the help they need with their matter of concern. The truth is, no matter how bad the problem, something can be done about it.

If you would like help communicating or overcoming a problem that concerns you, contact Effective Counseling Group. We’re here to help.

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The Holiday Season Can Be a Pleasant One

It concerns me to note that oftentimes people become more troubled during the holiday season. Factually, most people deal with more stress during this season, rivaled only by the tax season. In truth, there are  many reasons for this, some clearly evident and some more obscure underlying reasons.

For the most part, during the holidays, people have more demands placed upon them than any other time of year. Individuals are trying to cope with their normal routines of work, school, the kids, etc. and then add to that holiday shopping, relatives visiting, crowds, lines, increased traffic, etc.

However, the majority of people truly enjoy this time of year, as do I. It is also a time of year that does bring families closer together and most everyone is in good spirits. Everyone but a few that is. Those few should not be let to ruin things for others.

If we examine this closer we find the uncomfortableness that occurs with some families when they come together is only due to the fact of past unhandled issues. This is where Effective Counseling Group can help. There may be a certain family member that has upset or angered you in times past and although things have been “smoothed over” since, that anger may still surface now and again. The only real problem here is not knowing that there is a simple remedy that can be done to totally change ones attitude toward the person for the better. To do that one may have to learn a few new things, but in a matter of hours  one can handle a problem that may have hounded one for the better part of a lifetime.

I’ve seen people go from complete hostility toward someone and in a short time change to genuine laughter when they finally resolved for themselves where that hostility really came from, and it’s almost never from what they originally thought it was from.  The truth is if you knew what was causing you to become angry or upset it wouldn’t anger or  upset you.

There is something that can be done to change and better relationships during the holidays. If you call Effective Counseling Group we can schedule your no obligation consultation and even if you don’t wish to take up counseling, you’ll leave with at least a better understanding of how your situation came about and that there is something you can do about it.

I invite everyone to have a happy holiday season and if it isn’t looking so happy, to call us and we will do what we can to assist you.  We use proven techniques that work.

If you would like more information on what Effective Counseling Group can do for you contact us at 727-678-1568.

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Real Help for Real People

The nation’s economy and unemployment are two very talked about issues today.  A chart was recent news on CNN showing the drastic growth in unemployment in our nation over the last two years. Regardless of one’s politicial beliefs or alliances it is true enough to say that the average American who is showing up for work each day and trying to feed his family or who is actively looking for work to do the same is having a rough time of things.
At Effective Counseling Group we can help individuals rid themselves of the very things preventing them from fully prospering in life.  There are precise tools developed by L. Ron Hubbard that give one a way to prosper even in times of difficulty.  Many organizations still flourishing in this down economy have used these same tools to better their business or a corporation.  However, these tools were developed for individual use as well.  An individual correctly applying them to his own personal finances can pull himself invididually out of any slump he or she has fallen into and recover.
We can work with you one on one, at Effective Counseling Group, to enable you to turn your life around. If you are interested in improving yourself or simply wished there was a way you could do so, you’ve come to the right place.  We can help you learn these tools to improve your conditions in life and start applying them to do just that so you can prosper. You are an individual and deserve individual attention. We offer a free initial consultation.  In this way there is nothing to lose for your inquiry. 
One has a choice of either being effect of the situations one faces in life or doing something to be cause over it to handle it. What we do is give you the tools you need to be put in a position of a greater ability to handle your situations. If at this moment you could be more able, you would also be in a better postion to handle the difficulties you face. We work with the able and make them more able. How is this done?  Using exact technology with precise rules and guidelines that been in use for over 60 years.
To find out more about how we can help you with your problem contact Effective Counseling Group at 727-678-1568.
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